Toothbrushing Technique

While it’s important to brush your teeth frequently, it’s equally important to brush with proper technique. Poor toothbrushing technique is comparable to poorly mopping your precious hardwood floors. You spread the grime evenly, missing some of those hard-to-reach spaces that accrue mold and dust.

With all the time we spend brushing our teeth, we might as well do it correctly. Campbell Family Dentistry wants to take the time to highlight some of the important facets to proper toothbrush technique, to ensure that you maintain a healthy mouth and a gleaming smile.

How to Brush

You should brush for two minutes at least twice per day. Most people undershoot the two-minute minimum by overestimating how long they’ve been brushing. To get a better sense for the two-minute minimum, it’s helpful to use a timer.

Brush using short strokes, starting with the outsides of your top and bottom teeth. From there, move to the insides of the teeth. Then, brush the chewing surfaces (the top of your teeth). It’s important to remember to target the gums. Brushing your gums might hurt at first, but it’s the best way to prevent periodontal diseases like gingivitis from developing. Bacteria likes to live on your tongue, so don’t forget to brush the surface thoroughly for a cleaner mouth and fresher breath.

Dangers of Poor Brushing Technique

Poor brushing habits bring numerous risks to your dental hygiene. Excess plaque buildup can cause gum irritation and invite new bacteria to take hold between teeth or underneath the gums.

The most threatening risk that comes with poor brushing technique is periodontal disease. If you’re not brushing your teeth and gums thoroughly, bacteria can nestle under your gumline and lead to inflammation. If not treated promptly, the bacteria in your gums can lead to diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis. Besides causing damage to your gums and teeth, periodontal disease can potentially manifest as a systemic disease, attacking your heart or your respiratory system.

Your Roseburg dentist strongly recommends practicing these toothbrushing techniques. By brushing thoroughly twice per day, your smile will not only shine brighter, but you will also be able to avoid things like weakening teeth, cavities, and periodontal disease.

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