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    Swimmer’s Ear? More Like Swimmer’s Tooth!

    HAVE YOUR TEETH ever felt extra sensitive after a swim at the pool? That’s no coincidence, although it can take quite a lot of swimming before the effects become noticeable. What is it about the water in swimming pools that damages teeth? Chlorine: Good For Sanitation, Bad For Teeth That’s right: the same chemical that […]

    Freshen Up Your Smile For Spring

    WITH WHITE CLOTHES, SOMETIMES IT TAKES a little bleach and a little sunlight to bring them back to their beautiful brightness! The same goes for your smile! Your teeth may not feel the same as a cotton t-shirt, but they ARE porous, and they absorb the food colors that you eat each day. Daily Living Can Dull […]

    Bleeding Gums and Your Oral Health

    Bleeding gums can be alarming when you are performing your regular oral care. There are several issues that bleeding gums can be indicative of, but it is important to understand why it occurs and how it can be treated. If you have noticed your gums are bleeding when you brush or floss, rest assured that […]

    Is Diet Soda Better for Your Teeth?

    Most people are aware that drinking sugary drinks and eating sugary foods is bad for your teeth. Sugar builds up between teeth causing plaque and, as bacteria feed on starch, they produce acids which lead to erosion. It would seem then, that by taking the sugar out of soft drinks, the problem would be solved. […]

    Types of Cosmetic Dentistry

    It’s likely that at some point in your adult life, you’ll want to pursue at least one form of cosmetic dentistry. Whether by having your teeth straightened, whitened, or replacing damaged or lost teeth, there are an array of cosmetic dental treatments available today. That being said, we wanted to spend some time highlighting some […]

    Why It’s Important to Replace Missing Teeth

    It might surprise you to learn that about half of American adults have lost at least one adult tooth. While there are obvious cosmetic downsides to missing a tooth, many don’t realize the effects that lost teeth can have on your overall oral health, as well. Whether it’s shifting teeth, jaw bone loss, or an […]

    Proper Oral Care: Importance of Flossing

    Time and time again, patients are asked by their dentist how often they floss their teeth. It’s no different for Roseburg dentist, Dr. Rick Campbell. The reason for asking patients how often they floss should be clear: flossing is a crucial factor in promoting oral health. In short, there’s no denying the importance of flossing. […]

    5 Health Conditions that Affect Your Breath

    Your breath can be a useful indicator as to your oral health. When you’re brushing and flossing regularly, you’re actively fighting off the bacteria that causes bad breath, the same bacteria that can lead to cavities and gum disease. But beyond your oral health, your breath can also suggest more systemic health problems. Campbell Family […]

    Dangers of DIY Teeth Whitening

    Everyone wants bright white teeth and the confidence that comes with a gleaming smile. Because whiter teeth are so desired, there is a growing market for over-the-counter DIY teeth whitening solutions. While many of these take-home kits provide an affordable alternative to professional teeth whitening treatment, they also bring on a slew of potential dangers […]

    Toothbrushing Technique

    While it’s important to brush your teeth frequently, it’s equally important to brush with proper technique. Poor toothbrushing technique is comparable to poorly mopping your precious hardwood floors. You spread the grime evenly, missing some of those hard-to-reach spaces that accrue mold and dust. With all the time we spend brushing our teeth, we might […]

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    2591 Northwest Kline St
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    2591 Northwest Kline St
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    P: 541-672-4732